Creative power of technologies and charity

Sistema Charitable Foundation (SCF) is one of the largest charitable foundations in Russia. It was established in 2004 to manage the social activities and projects of Sistema PJSFC and its portfolio companies.

The foundation implements technological, social, cultural and art projects, which aim to show how new technologies may solve problems and improve the quality of people's lives. As part of the Lift to the Future project Sistema Charitable Foundation launches large-scale research projects in order to find solutions to social challenges, support modern engineering education in Russia and contribute to the development of creative potential in a technological environment. SCF's initiatives in the cultural field help museums operate effectively in the digital space, while social projects primarily focus on providing high-tech medical aid for the Great Patriotic War veterans. SCF implements educational projects aimed at raising awareness about new technologies and improving people's tech literacy: publishes non-fiction books, collaborates with museums and cultural institutions.

In cooperation with partners we support underprivileged social groups and non-profit organisations, conduct charity events, develop volunteering and individual charity projects.

Our principles:

We believe in the creative power of technologies

We offer a completely novel approach to addressing social issues

We provide resources for personal growth and professional development in a tech environment

We know how to unite people for helping others

Strategic programmes

Current projects

Lift to the Future


a contest aimed at developing new-generation search and rescue technologies


Lift to the Future

«Microelectronics.157 lvl»

an educational programme in microelectronics

Microelectronics.157 lvl

Lift to the Future

«The Book Collection»

of Sistema Charitable Foundation

The Book Collection

Lift to the Future

«Future Time»

a project that aims to give a fresh start to Russian science fiction

Future Time

Lift to the Future

Social projects and volunteering

Culture and arts

«Support of the Russian Museum»

Support of the Russian Museum

Culture and arts

«Cultural Weekend»

a nationwide campaign

Cultural Weekend

Culture and arts