Lift to the Future

«Lift to the Future» — is a nationwide programme aimed at developing human capital in a tech environment.

Today, it is comprised of several projects: Smart Microelectronics training programme for senior students of universities, tech competitions for development of innovative solutions and educational initiatives.

The project was initially started as an engineering and design school and gradually transformed into a large-scale educational project that enables young professionals to unlock their potential, get access to the expert community and offer their solutions for tackling real market challenges.

Programme goals and results


Support and development of modern engineering education in Russia.

Lift to the Future organises summer schools for talented children who take interest in sciences, supports teachers and gives grants to educational facilities and institutions.

  • 11, 000 participants from 46 Russia's regions in 5 years
  • 80 institutions providing supplementary school education in science and technology received grants for the implementation of their training programmes
  • More than 2,000 school children received training at temporary engineering and design schools run by Lift to the Future
  • 500 university students received scholarships
  • 250 teachers received grants to organise projects for school students
  • More than 70 competitions were held


Technologies and human capital

In May 2018, the programme was revised and its focus was shifted to development of human capital in a tech environment and addressing social issues.

  • creating favourable conditions for development of new technological solutions to address social issues

  • providing talented employees an opportunity to grow professionally

    in a tech environment

  • finding ways to improve people's quality of life with the help of innovative technologies