Support for
the Russian Museum

Sistema and the Russian Museum started their partnership in 2003, when they signed a long-term cooperation agreement to provide support for the museum's projects and exhibitions. The total amount of financing over 10 years exceeded RUB 200m.

SCF and the Russian Museum have implemented a lot of ambitious projects related to exhibitions and publishing, and restored a lot of works of art, buildings and gardens of the Russian Museum. They organised scientific and educational conferences, public discussions about arts and other cultural programmes. In 2013, the agreement was renewed for another 10 years. Another major project is the annual festival of garden art The Imperial Gardens of Russia held in the gardens of the Russian Museum. As part of the project SCF helped organise 11 festivals.

In 2005, SCF launched the project Russian Museum: a virtual branch, which enables thousands of Russians from all parts of the country to have virtual tours around the Russian Museum. In 2007–2016, the Russian Museum and SCF created a chain of almost 200 cultural and educational centres constituting the virtual branch.