Our strategy

Sistema Charitable Foundation (SCF) was established in 2004 as the main operator of the charity projects launched by Sistema Group donor companies.

SCF implements a range of long-term inter-related programmes aimed at providing people with opportunities for personal growth in a tech environment and creating favourable conditions for the emergence of innovations in order to tackle social problems and improve the quality of people's lives with the help of modern technologies.

Among SCF's top priorities are infrastructure and large-scale projects of national importance. SCF is particularly focused on the projects capable of ensuring essential long-term changes in the social environment and creating a stimulus for its development.

Sistema Charitable Foundation operates in accordance with the Federal Law "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organisations" and follows best practices in the sphere of corporate social responsibility.

SCF's strategy is targeted at implementing nationwide projects, which are developed on the basis of the needs, experience and competences of all interested parties.

Sistema Charitable Foundation operates on the basis of long-term partnerships.